Jan 28, 2012

The Art of Nibbling!



I present to you the art of nibbling a wheel chip!

Rules to be followed:
#1  You must use only your teeth during the process of nibbling.
#2  Do not look around to see if anyone is looking at you (especially people you want to impress)!
#3  Keep your mind clear so that you are flowing with new imaginative ideas.

The process:

Step 1: 
Buy a wheel chips packet in a local store. Its not going to cost you much.

Step 2:
Keep eating the chips until you reach a point where you are bored of eating it meaninglessly.

Step 3:
Snap your fingers and shout out 'Idea'!

Step 4:
Take a single wheel chip and examine its shape. Select it only if it is not broken and is straight.

Step 5:
Nibble the ends off.

Who said only surya can bring out a sun for jyothika? You can do it too now =P

Step 6:
This is the step where you can use all your creativity..

If you are a proud piscean like me then..

Or if you are a Taurean..

Or if you are a sailor and also if you want to propose someone out of blue when you are also eating wheel chips, you can tell them that they are the anchor of your life..

(that looks like an anchor right?)

Or you can make your own version of VW beetle!

Step 7:
When you are drained out of ideas,nibble off all the spokes!

Step 8:
Gobble the 'o' and smile broadly like you've conquered the world. That proud, I-am-the-best smile.

Things to remember:
#1 Always choose the less damaged packet of wheel chips in the store.
#2 Make sure that you do not sit on it and also let others sit on it! If it happens,do not panic. You can use    
     the crushed chips as snow,sand,smoke etc!
#3 Remember the rules.
#4 Keep chanting - "This is an art and i am the best in it"!

Now that you've read this post,You have completed the first course.
Congratulations. You can tap your back now!

and i hope you are

after reading this =P

Thank you!

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