Nov 2, 2011

The Smart phone effect

The fascination for high-end mobile phones or smart phones is quite common these days. And just like the others, I've always wanted to have the best phone. The thought of being without a mobile phone is itself too agonizing. The main objective of me having a phone is for tweeting,occasional texting,applications and music.
Smart phones made me utter 'wow' each time i used it.

And during one such day when i was wondering if i could get myself a smart phone in near future, I heard from someone that there was an option where one could get a handset for a trial period of 2 weeks. The moment i heard about i did a little 'jolly kuthu' in my mind and couldn't take this out of my mind for almost a week. I went through the process of receiving the handset and got it in 3 days time.

The expectations were too high and i was guessing and betting with my mind about what color it might be. I started using it the minute i got it and totally loved the way it worked. Sadly, my Ovi store wasn't working and after a week's trying to fix it i got pissed and stopped trying. Later did i hear that its was just a normal problem and very easy to fix.

The battery life is too good too.The best part about the phone is the 12 megapixel camera. I clicked,clicked and clicked. It was so good that i spent an entire afternoon clicking everything possible. Now, when i look at those pictures on my laptop, my mind says,i should definitely own the mobile very soon.

One picture i loved among the others is this one =)

Apparently, when i started to love the handset even more, my trial dates got over. It was a sad farewell. 
Now, i know what mobile i should buy next. Its definitely going to be a nokia handset. When i liked it so much even without the Ovi store working, you'll surely adore it when you have your own handset. Guaranteed.


  1. i think this thought sparked during the tweet up when SP.Arun was telling us about his mobile..u were very curious about it n asking lots of questions about this .. ithu thaan mattera finally u r in league of mobile user/tester :P