Nov 11, 2011

Kid Stuff

Last night as i wished my roomie 'Good night', she didn't reply back. Somehow, i said 'Good night,good night,good night' which i found to be a very familiar tone. Then, as i kept repeating 'Good night' thrice in the same tone, did i realize that it was an old, girly clapping game. 
 It was past midnight and we couldn't stop breaking our heads to find out how the song started. Somehow, we found the sentences one by one backwards and started reciting it atleast a dozen times. I couldn't stop repeating and nostalgia hit me. And thus i thought i did write about all those kiddish games.

This game goes like this..

Oooma joshi..yay..yay..yay
My mother,who told me a sixty years ago,
There came a lady,knocking at the door,
With a ooh,aah..i want some bar,
The bar is sweet,
I want some meat,
The meat i tough,
I want to go by bus,
The bus is full,
I want to go by bull,
The bull is fat,
I want my money back,
The money is green,
I want my cherry bean,
The cherry beans are red,
I want to go to bed,
The bed is white,
I want to say,'Good night,good night,good night'.

And after the song, you say 'statue' and the person who stays idle the longest,wins.

Another one was 

2 )'The walking game..'

You gotta walk in a row,holding hands and in chorus you sing,

'There was..there was..a tiny little girl...
her hair..her hair.. was just in the colour of gin...ger'

For every 'there was' two steps are taken and finally for the 'ginger' a small dance step kind is done.
This is extreme fun when there are a lot of girls involved.


3) 'ham cheese..ham burger..
     sauce potato..chip..chip..chip..(2)
     cream roll,mutton roll,chicken roll..

One thing i cant stop playing is,

4) Oh! God, please tell me "..(add your own sentence).."
    A E I O U..and that is you.
I do this whenever i have difficulty to choose something. It totally works when you are at your favorite food joint and you have difficulty in choosing which dish to hog first =P
Its the same as 'inky,pinky,ponky'.

and there was 

5) 'oh.pillar..caterpillar..
     lazy girls..
    sing a a ping.. aaannnddd..

The best part about all these games were, it wasn't a matter of who actually won. You just kept playing and never took notice of how many times each person won.

I just miss those days and wish life was easier.


  1. Made me nostalgic too :-) Except for that we used to sing "There was a girl, tall and thin and fair" :-)

  2. Some times are best left as memories, no? Makes them special :D

  3. //There was a girl, tall and thin and fair" :-)//

    Sometimes ,an one line comment makes u laugh more than the post. LOL :)