Nov 4, 2011

The Cellular Story

I got my first phone after school. It was during the summer holidays and i had no idea about how to choose a mobile and what features i would want. I thought the walkman series in sony ericsson was kinda cool and ended up buying W300i. I loved the look. It was fat, colorful and cool! My family thought it wasn't good enough. I wanted it so badly, they got me the phone.

It was a grey phone with a dark grey front that had a rough texture and the best part was the volume button that was a bright and shiny orange. It had a orange 'W' and a orange screen in front. I never used the mobile browser and all i did was text,text and text. It was a ritual to send forwards to every contact and we used to ask each other for funny forwards. My memory card was always full with the latest songs. I used to be so fond of using the infra red and went asking everyone if they had infra red in their mobile.

And one night like all the other nights i kept my phone on my desk and slept. I woke up in the morning to find my phone in a little pool of water. It didn't work. I kept trying,but in vain. I asked all my friends if they had any idea about how it happened and they looked at each other. Something told me that it was going to be my last mobile.

But, parents were too generous and bought me the second one. So, i did a small research online and came up with 3 mobiles. When asked in the store, they had only one in stock and i got myself a sony S302. It was sleek and thin and stylish. I got a dark blue one. I loved the software and how clear the screen was. It had a glossy body which made it look sexy. There was this photo fix option that was too good. I clicked a lot of pictures everywhere i went just to show people i could instantly make the picture better within few minutes. It had flash and i was too proud of it that i always waited for powercuts so that i could switch on the flash light! =P

During that point of time, i got bored of texting and i used the mobile more for music and games. I kept playing quadra-pop. I still miss that game. Every night i would challenge myself to beat my previous score and i was pretty good in the game. I started having trouble in charging. I had to struggle for atleast 30 minutes to find that position in which it gets charged. Finally one day it died even after servicing. This time i knew i would get another phone for sure and started searching for a new one.

This time i was keen to buy a samsung corby mate and went to the store. The guy at the store mentioned that i was having the second set in the whole district and it totally excited me. It was just out and i owned it. At that time, slide + qwerty key board phone weren't that popular. Atleast for that price. I was at my happiest mood. I started tweeting then and thus the qwerty keyboard helped. There was nothing wrong with the phone. After a few days i saw a lot of people having the same phone and got bored of it.

That was the time when there were ads of Nokia c3 in the bus stands. I so badly wanted it but didnt make efforts to ask parents for it. Somehow,luck favored me and when my dad bought a new phone for himself, i sold the corby and got a pink nokia C3. The reason i like it is for its look and battery life. I name it 'Rosa'. People asked me why 'rosa'? and the reason i gave them was, "Rosa means pink in tamil and it is also named after Rosa sparks because i know that a lot of people will ask,'why a pink a phone?'. No Racism u see..". I still have rosa with me and its been 8 months.

One thing common about all those phones are that nothing had exceeded 7k. Planning to get my next phone with my own money an am not sure about how long its going to take.My next phone will be an android or a BB. Hope i get it in a year or so. err.. Gifts aren't included in this resolution though.=D


  1. nice one.. i'll also try to write my experience with nokia mobiles as a blogpost :)

  2. i had the same experience with sony ericsson W580i.. loved it for music n cam but died one day without prior notice.Lost interest in mobile after that.. nice read :)

  3. sony ericsson is good oly when it costs above 10k.. otherwise its a waste! thanks =)

  4. I had a SE z555i which gave me trouble with charging it up. It literally broke down due to excessive tweeting.

  5. i can see it! #excessive tweeting =D