Oct 16, 2011

Masters - 2

Its been almost three months since post graduation classes started. but, its like 3 years have passed. For the amount of fun the girls in my class have,its like they've known each other for ages. The time that took for us to actually know and trust each other in UG was atleast 2 years. Here, it all happened in just 3 months. They've been this really cool people.Outings,short films,dances,sleepovers and what not?

 But, even though all this is happening i am not involved in any of this. I dont know why. They've always liked me and i've been invited to for everything. I've given lame excuses for all those invites. But, after all those invites, i felt really bad and accepted to go with the gang for swimming one day. That day was absolute fun. Not that i was so much like me but i felt a lot more comfortable with them.

 One thing i am sure is that i am this weirdo among them. I hardly speak in class and just sit in my place either tweeting or reading. What i still cant understand is that,how these people can become close this soon and this easily. I realise that there is something wrong in me. I've always thought i was the most easy-going and friendliest among my previous friends in school and under graduation! guess i was wrong.

 The best thing i can do in class is observe. I just sit there,listening them to speak. There are all kinds of discussions and i enjoy listening to them. I do miss all my other friends. But, i love this class of 20. =) and i am sure i have loads of things to learn from all of them.