Sep 14, 2011

Head or Head incense-stick?

Thala or Thalapathi?

They, according to me.

Why i like Thalapathi?

~ He can dance well and most of his songs become a hit.
~ He does that thing where there is a bulge on his cheek and he is smiling.
~ He looks younger.
~ He can fly fights. =P

Why i like Thala?
~ He is humble.
~ He tries doing something different in movies.
~ I've heard he is classy.
~ He can look bad at times and still manages to have fans.

If i have to sit and think through the pros and cons of both of them and decide upon one person, it would be really confusing. I think thala and thalapathi have their own charisma to be liked.

so the conclusion is,
Thalapathi - for his movies and the roles he play in it.
Thala - for the role of a person he plays in real life.


Rajnikanth - For both =D (how could i not bring Rajni into the picture) =P

The question about 'thala or thalapathi?' is a waste of time.
Rajnikanth is GOD! =)