Jul 28, 2011

Masters !

Its been a week since college has started and its turning out to be totally different from what i had expected.Same college,same route,same places to hangout after college but different classmates, different class, different strength, different teachers, different subjects,different timings and most of all a totally different canteen with no sambar rice.

With only 17 girls in class i thought it was going to be a lot of fun but, in few hours of the the first day i had to start rolling eyes!The rolling eye thing doesnt seem to decrease.All of them have been sweet till now. but, a few people still wonder and keep asking themselves about who to make friends and whom to avoid. Sometimes its so obvious when one fellow mate is given more attention while the other is not.

Observing the class has been the current timepass. Although really looking forward to make atleast one best friend. Things usually change in sometime. I want these two years to be the most productive years of my life and the question is whether to make friends and start hanging out or to focus on something else that is going to help me career wise. The Biggest dilemma as of now.

But i can say that this set is going to awesome just like my UG class.. or atleast i hope so =)

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  1. You need friends, you need to learn new stuffs, having fun is as important as learning or focusing on something that is gonna help you with career.
    Between try to figure your niche, you're area of interest or the things that you wanna do for the rest of your life. Observe whats happening around, see where the world is going, follow some high profile people(the ones who've taken similar career) who has accomplished something valuable in their life, learn things from them.

    Find out how you can add value to your life :)

    All The Best!