Jun 27, 2011

I know what i did this summer!

This summer holiday has been the longest one, my whole student life!
It was too exciting in the beginning, but as days passed, boredom creeped in. Thought about a lot of things to be done during the holidays but nothing actually happened as per schedule.

What i ACTUALLY did this summer!!??

~I travelled a LOT! and most of the travels were for hospital visits or dinners to the nearest big town and also to my native. I've now found the best way to rest my neck during travels.. tried every sitting posture possible in the car and now i only sit in the left-backseat =D

~Unforgettable moments during this holiday are the times i hurt myself doing 'ape'ish gimmicks. 1st i bruised my knee badly,trying to get out of a moving train,which i was successful in. The bruise was healing in its own goddamn pace and jus after a week it healed completely, i tried my hand at roller skating! I saw my brother skating and it tempted me too badly. I just put on the shoes and pushed myself from the seat and in two seconds i was *pattt* on the ground.I had a stretched tissue in my wrist(that's what the doc told) and the pain was excruciating.

~One thing i was forever obsessed with ,was my PC. Facebook was boring and i didnt log on to twitter much. Mindjolt games helped me much. I've been challenging every friend poosible to play some game. Few games that kept me busy were Dray my thing,Car chaos,kamikaze,between the lines,truck rush and white bounce. I found my gaming skills were boosting! =P

~The surprising part is that, i've started to like cooking. There have been times when i was forced to learn the art. The hate for cooking has waned.The time between the tasting and the comments they give is the nervy bit,and it usually ends up with a positive remark..*thanks good Lord*

~I wanted to finish atleast 10 books this summer but i ended up reading only 2 books. I know thats such a small number.My reason for not having read anymore is, there wasnt any time for me,which actually was abundant. I read ,'Tuesdays with morrie' by Mitch Albom and 'Sadhguru-More than a life' by Arundhathi Subramaniam. I totally loved both the books and found that they were a lot better than all those fiction and romance novels.

~I had attended a camp called Bhava Spandana at the Isha yoga center in coimbatore and it changed my life. It was a different kind of experience and was totally worth it. I've always stayed away from Godmen and ashrams since childhood,but this place and this Man are so unlike. The whole thing was an experience and trying to put it in words would be very insensible.

~Star world kept me entertained during the times when someone else used the PC.I've started to love watching castle,modern family,Raising hope and India's most desirable. HIMYM and friends have always been my favourites.Band baaja Bride was another show i watched and when i had no other choice sun music and SS music came to my rescue.

~To mention home food and junk! people who see me will surely know how well my mom cooks and how generous my dad is to buy me junk food! I am so sure i am going to curse the weighing machine by the end of the hoildays! =D

On the whole this summer has been a cocktail of Travel,Bruises,Gaming,Cooking,Books,Yoga and TV.
And this will be my last "childhood" summer holiday =P. From next year on it'll be busy summers!


  1. Looks like you had quite an eventful summer holidays!!

  2. have fun lakshana...may be u'l get married next summer... :p

  3. Nice! Hope you enjoyed the most!
    Hit the gym asap, i don't wanna see you fat :P
    we've been missing you're tweets these days and here you come up with a nice blog post :)
    thanks for sharing it with us!
    You rock!

  4. nice summer. :)

    "last childhood summer holiday" -> haiyo haiyo.. innum ethana naaliki thaan intha oora yemathura velai ?! :P

  5. You wont get such a long vacation in life again easily.. So enjoy the remaining days to the core.. :-)