Jan 20, 2011

'doughnut' poche!

Oh Australia! Oh Australia!
if i am still stuck here 'paravillaiya'?

friend said she was keen about it,
and i didnt think a bit.

mom said we'll give a try
and i dreamt of working for 'kentucky chicken fry'.

consultant said my life would jingle like wind chimes,
and i murmured "en life'tyle' eh maara pogudhu" a 1000 times.

but mind said it was gonna finally happen,
and finally it really 'aappu'ened!

now a txt on ma fone says there is an interview 2moro,
and i jump off from my bed like 'zorro'.

mind again shows a positive sign,
and i decide i am anyways gonna be fine. =)


  1. Rhyming and Timing in a well mannered writing :)
    Good shot !!

  2. he he.. Really awesome !!

    happened n 'appen'ed ->> pinre po...

    Nice title btw :)

  3. hi manjari ....ur post is too good....i am really proud of u....

  4. NIce post... so, gonna bcum an aussie or not???