Nov 11, 2011

Kid Stuff

Last night as i wished my roomie 'Good night', she didn't reply back. Somehow, i said 'Good night,good night,good night' which i found to be a very familiar tone. Then, as i kept repeating 'Good night' thrice in the same tone, did i realize that it was an old, girly clapping game. 
 It was past midnight and we couldn't stop breaking our heads to find out how the song started. Somehow, we found the sentences one by one backwards and started reciting it atleast a dozen times. I couldn't stop repeating and nostalgia hit me. And thus i thought i did write about all those kiddish games.

This game goes like this..

Oooma joshi..yay..yay..yay
My mother,who told me a sixty years ago,
There came a lady,knocking at the door,
With a ooh,aah..i want some bar,
The bar is sweet,
I want some meat,
The meat i tough,
I want to go by bus,
The bus is full,
I want to go by bull,
The bull is fat,
I want my money back,
The money is green,
I want my cherry bean,
The cherry beans are red,
I want to go to bed,
The bed is white,
I want to say,'Good night,good night,good night'.

And after the song, you say 'statue' and the person who stays idle the longest,wins.

Another one was 

2 )'The walking game..'

You gotta walk in a row,holding hands and in chorus you sing,

'There was..there was..a tiny little girl...
her hair..her hair.. was just in the colour of gin...ger'

For every 'there was' two steps are taken and finally for the 'ginger' a small dance step kind is done.
This is extreme fun when there are a lot of girls involved.


3) 'ham cheese..ham burger..
     sauce potato..chip..chip..chip..(2)
     cream roll,mutton roll,chicken roll..

One thing i cant stop playing is,

4) Oh! God, please tell me "..(add your own sentence).."
    A E I O U..and that is you.
I do this whenever i have difficulty to choose something. It totally works when you are at your favorite food joint and you have difficulty in choosing which dish to hog first =P
Its the same as 'inky,pinky,ponky'.

and there was 

5) 'oh.pillar..caterpillar..
     lazy girls..
    sing a a ping.. aaannnddd..

The best part about all these games were, it wasn't a matter of who actually won. You just kept playing and never took notice of how many times each person won.

I just miss those days and wish life was easier.

Nov 4, 2011

The Cellular Story

I got my first phone after school. It was during the summer holidays and i had no idea about how to choose a mobile and what features i would want. I thought the walkman series in sony ericsson was kinda cool and ended up buying W300i. I loved the look. It was fat, colorful and cool! My family thought it wasn't good enough. I wanted it so badly, they got me the phone.

It was a grey phone with a dark grey front that had a rough texture and the best part was the volume button that was a bright and shiny orange. It had a orange 'W' and a orange screen in front. I never used the mobile browser and all i did was text,text and text. It was a ritual to send forwards to every contact and we used to ask each other for funny forwards. My memory card was always full with the latest songs. I used to be so fond of using the infra red and went asking everyone if they had infra red in their mobile.

And one night like all the other nights i kept my phone on my desk and slept. I woke up in the morning to find my phone in a little pool of water. It didn't work. I kept trying,but in vain. I asked all my friends if they had any idea about how it happened and they looked at each other. Something told me that it was going to be my last mobile.

But, parents were too generous and bought me the second one. So, i did a small research online and came up with 3 mobiles. When asked in the store, they had only one in stock and i got myself a sony S302. It was sleek and thin and stylish. I got a dark blue one. I loved the software and how clear the screen was. It had a glossy body which made it look sexy. There was this photo fix option that was too good. I clicked a lot of pictures everywhere i went just to show people i could instantly make the picture better within few minutes. It had flash and i was too proud of it that i always waited for powercuts so that i could switch on the flash light! =P

During that point of time, i got bored of texting and i used the mobile more for music and games. I kept playing quadra-pop. I still miss that game. Every night i would challenge myself to beat my previous score and i was pretty good in the game. I started having trouble in charging. I had to struggle for atleast 30 minutes to find that position in which it gets charged. Finally one day it died even after servicing. This time i knew i would get another phone for sure and started searching for a new one.

This time i was keen to buy a samsung corby mate and went to the store. The guy at the store mentioned that i was having the second set in the whole district and it totally excited me. It was just out and i owned it. At that time, slide + qwerty key board phone weren't that popular. Atleast for that price. I was at my happiest mood. I started tweeting then and thus the qwerty keyboard helped. There was nothing wrong with the phone. After a few days i saw a lot of people having the same phone and got bored of it.

That was the time when there were ads of Nokia c3 in the bus stands. I so badly wanted it but didnt make efforts to ask parents for it. Somehow,luck favored me and when my dad bought a new phone for himself, i sold the corby and got a pink nokia C3. The reason i like it is for its look and battery life. I name it 'Rosa'. People asked me why 'rosa'? and the reason i gave them was, "Rosa means pink in tamil and it is also named after Rosa sparks because i know that a lot of people will ask,'why a pink a phone?'. No Racism u see..". I still have rosa with me and its been 8 months.

One thing common about all those phones are that nothing had exceeded 7k. Planning to get my next phone with my own money an am not sure about how long its going to take.My next phone will be an android or a BB. Hope i get it in a year or so. err.. Gifts aren't included in this resolution though.=D

Nov 2, 2011

The Smart phone effect

The fascination for high-end mobile phones or smart phones is quite common these days. And just like the others, I've always wanted to have the best phone. The thought of being without a mobile phone is itself too agonizing. The main objective of me having a phone is for tweeting,occasional texting,applications and music.
Smart phones made me utter 'wow' each time i used it.

And during one such day when i was wondering if i could get myself a smart phone in near future, I heard from someone that there was an option where one could get a handset for a trial period of 2 weeks. The moment i heard about i did a little 'jolly kuthu' in my mind and couldn't take this out of my mind for almost a week. I went through the process of receiving the handset and got it in 3 days time.

The expectations were too high and i was guessing and betting with my mind about what color it might be. I started using it the minute i got it and totally loved the way it worked. Sadly, my Ovi store wasn't working and after a week's trying to fix it i got pissed and stopped trying. Later did i hear that its was just a normal problem and very easy to fix.

The battery life is too good too.The best part about the phone is the 12 megapixel camera. I clicked,clicked and clicked. It was so good that i spent an entire afternoon clicking everything possible. Now, when i look at those pictures on my laptop, my mind says,i should definitely own the mobile very soon.

One picture i loved among the others is this one =)

Apparently, when i started to love the handset even more, my trial dates got over. It was a sad farewell. 
Now, i know what mobile i should buy next. Its definitely going to be a nokia handset. When i liked it so much even without the Ovi store working, you'll surely adore it when you have your own handset. Guaranteed.

Oct 16, 2011

Masters - 2

Its been almost three months since post graduation classes started. but, its like 3 years have passed. For the amount of fun the girls in my class have,its like they've known each other for ages. The time that took for us to actually know and trust each other in UG was atleast 2 years. Here, it all happened in just 3 months. They've been this really cool people.Outings,short films,dances,sleepovers and what not?

 But, even though all this is happening i am not involved in any of this. I dont know why. They've always liked me and i've been invited to for everything. I've given lame excuses for all those invites. But, after all those invites, i felt really bad and accepted to go with the gang for swimming one day. That day was absolute fun. Not that i was so much like me but i felt a lot more comfortable with them.

 One thing i am sure is that i am this weirdo among them. I hardly speak in class and just sit in my place either tweeting or reading. What i still cant understand is that,how these people can become close this soon and this easily. I realise that there is something wrong in me. I've always thought i was the most easy-going and friendliest among my previous friends in school and under graduation! guess i was wrong.

 The best thing i can do in class is observe. I just sit there,listening them to speak. There are all kinds of discussions and i enjoy listening to them. I do miss all my other friends. But, i love this class of 20. =) and i am sure i have loads of things to learn from all of them.

Sep 14, 2011

Head or Head incense-stick?

Thala or Thalapathi?

They, according to me.

Why i like Thalapathi?

~ He can dance well and most of his songs become a hit.
~ He does that thing where there is a bulge on his cheek and he is smiling.
~ He looks younger.
~ He can fly fights. =P

Why i like Thala?
~ He is humble.
~ He tries doing something different in movies.
~ I've heard he is classy.
~ He can look bad at times and still manages to have fans.

If i have to sit and think through the pros and cons of both of them and decide upon one person, it would be really confusing. I think thala and thalapathi have their own charisma to be liked.

so the conclusion is,
Thalapathi - for his movies and the roles he play in it.
Thala - for the role of a person he plays in real life.


Rajnikanth - For both =D (how could i not bring Rajni into the picture) =P

The question about 'thala or thalapathi?' is a waste of time.
Rajnikanth is GOD! =)

Jul 28, 2011

Masters !

Its been a week since college has started and its turning out to be totally different from what i had expected.Same college,same route,same places to hangout after college but different classmates, different class, different strength, different teachers, different subjects,different timings and most of all a totally different canteen with no sambar rice.

With only 17 girls in class i thought it was going to be a lot of fun but, in few hours of the the first day i had to start rolling eyes!The rolling eye thing doesnt seem to decrease.All of them have been sweet till now. but, a few people still wonder and keep asking themselves about who to make friends and whom to avoid. Sometimes its so obvious when one fellow mate is given more attention while the other is not.

Observing the class has been the current timepass. Although really looking forward to make atleast one best friend. Things usually change in sometime. I want these two years to be the most productive years of my life and the question is whether to make friends and start hanging out or to focus on something else that is going to help me career wise. The Biggest dilemma as of now.

But i can say that this set is going to awesome just like my UG class.. or atleast i hope so =)

Jul 24, 2011

"Nee ninaindhal" ~ Shankar Tucker

Happened to find this song online and fell in love with it..
A must listen.. and am sure anybody will get addicted to it!
The Iyer sister who've sung the song have got those voices that can seriously melt your heart..
My current favourite =)

The lyrics:


Nee nenaindal agadadum undo
Nirajadala nayani mahalaksmi


Manida vazhkkaiyile inba tunbam
Mari mari varuvadum un seyal andro


Ella perumaigalum irundalum adu
Unnadi vanangnmal nilai perumo
Unnarul parvai illadavarkku
Ulagile vazha vazhiedu amma..

Hope you enjoy the song! =)

Jun 27, 2011

I know what i did this summer!

This summer holiday has been the longest one, my whole student life!
It was too exciting in the beginning, but as days passed, boredom creeped in. Thought about a lot of things to be done during the holidays but nothing actually happened as per schedule.

What i ACTUALLY did this summer!!??

~I travelled a LOT! and most of the travels were for hospital visits or dinners to the nearest big town and also to my native. I've now found the best way to rest my neck during travels.. tried every sitting posture possible in the car and now i only sit in the left-backseat =D

~Unforgettable moments during this holiday are the times i hurt myself doing 'ape'ish gimmicks. 1st i bruised my knee badly,trying to get out of a moving train,which i was successful in. The bruise was healing in its own goddamn pace and jus after a week it healed completely, i tried my hand at roller skating! I saw my brother skating and it tempted me too badly. I just put on the shoes and pushed myself from the seat and in two seconds i was *pattt* on the ground.I had a stretched tissue in my wrist(that's what the doc told) and the pain was excruciating.

~One thing i was forever obsessed with ,was my PC. Facebook was boring and i didnt log on to twitter much. Mindjolt games helped me much. I've been challenging every friend poosible to play some game. Few games that kept me busy were Dray my thing,Car chaos,kamikaze,between the lines,truck rush and white bounce. I found my gaming skills were boosting! =P

~The surprising part is that, i've started to like cooking. There have been times when i was forced to learn the art. The hate for cooking has waned.The time between the tasting and the comments they give is the nervy bit,and it usually ends up with a positive remark..*thanks good Lord*

~I wanted to finish atleast 10 books this summer but i ended up reading only 2 books. I know thats such a small number.My reason for not having read anymore is, there wasnt any time for me,which actually was abundant. I read ,'Tuesdays with morrie' by Mitch Albom and 'Sadhguru-More than a life' by Arundhathi Subramaniam. I totally loved both the books and found that they were a lot better than all those fiction and romance novels.

~I had attended a camp called Bhava Spandana at the Isha yoga center in coimbatore and it changed my life. It was a different kind of experience and was totally worth it. I've always stayed away from Godmen and ashrams since childhood,but this place and this Man are so unlike. The whole thing was an experience and trying to put it in words would be very insensible.

~Star world kept me entertained during the times when someone else used the PC.I've started to love watching castle,modern family,Raising hope and India's most desirable. HIMYM and friends have always been my favourites.Band baaja Bride was another show i watched and when i had no other choice sun music and SS music came to my rescue.

~To mention home food and junk! people who see me will surely know how well my mom cooks and how generous my dad is to buy me junk food! I am so sure i am going to curse the weighing machine by the end of the hoildays! =D

On the whole this summer has been a cocktail of Travel,Bruises,Gaming,Cooking,Books,Yoga and TV.
And this will be my last "childhood" summer holiday =P. From next year on it'll be busy summers!

Jan 20, 2011

'doughnut' poche!

Oh Australia! Oh Australia!
if i am still stuck here 'paravillaiya'?

friend said she was keen about it,
and i didnt think a bit.

mom said we'll give a try
and i dreamt of working for 'kentucky chicken fry'.

consultant said my life would jingle like wind chimes,
and i murmured "en life'tyle' eh maara pogudhu" a 1000 times.

but mind said it was gonna finally happen,
and finally it really 'aappu'ened!

now a txt on ma fone says there is an interview 2moro,
and i jump off from my bed like 'zorro'.

mind again shows a positive sign,
and i decide i am anyways gonna be fine. =)