Oct 5, 2010


Endhiran..the Experience =)

Though i saw the movie first day,first show there were loads of people who had seen before me. Those people abroad and those who could afford it to the premiere shows.
There were a lot of tweets coming from those who had watched the movie. I was to watch the movie by 8.15am and i couldnt sleep with all the people speaking about the movie. Got up quite early which is so unlike me and managed to wake up friends and rushed to the theatre.

we had expected a huge crowd and thought there did be lots of fans doing 'paal abhishekam' and firing crackers and all that. But there was no hype and it looked just like another normal day. Now that is what i would call a really bad turn-off.

I was so proud of my attire =P i had worn my fav rajni tee which i had planned to wear to the movie when i first lay my eyes on it.Then after checking sat very eagerly in our seats.

The start was good but there were no ardent fans in the theatre and it was all quiet and they never looked like a rajni-film watching crowd.

pudhiya manidha was good. I liked Rajni with that beard growing as time passed by. The 1st walk the robot was too good. That scene where Rajni commands the robot to walk like him was awesome.

The whole movie was mind-blowing.

but few aspects where i thought the director must have thought twice is the scene where version 2.0 takes sana with him after the marriage in the car. With the amount of bullets being spewed at 2.0 , not a single bullet hit sana which seemed to be artificial. Then as 2.0 lifts the car to shield himself from the bullets not a single bullet hits the petrol tank. And after the "happy diwali folks" scene the car easily is out of the bridge. The bridge is supposed to be blocked on both the sides. These small ones came out to be a big drawback.

The highlights were:

"KADAVUL IRUKRARU.." (in the conference)

"MEHAHAHA..BLACKSHEEP" (when 2.0 finds out vasi)

"DOT" (all of them)

"IDHUKU PER DHAN DHROGHAM,DHYAGHAM" (after sana's bday party)

"CASH OR CHEQUE OR CREDIT CARD?" "ONLY GUN" (2.0 in the jewellery shop)

"CHEERS AMMA" (kala bhavan mani to sana)

"NAAN YOSIKA AARAMBICHITEN" (last scene,chitti to shriya)

"NO WAR ONLY LOVE" (chitti at the army selection place)

Of all the three Rajni's i loved 2.0 1st, then chitti and then vasi =)
All the three were too good.

The songs were as good as expected. Rajnikanth has really danced well. For his age and for the fact that he cannot dance he has showed people that he is capable. In boom boom robot song that part where all the three (vasi,sana and chitti) dance was nice. Arima arima and irumbiley had good settings and Rajni showed pure "gethu" in them. kilimanjaro had good dance moves.

The only fact that bothered me was the hype these 'SUN'pictures had created. The whole story was known before the release and the trailer revealed just way too much.
The movie would have been even more successful if not for the hype they are making.
In some way its like degrading Rajnikanth.

On the whole, Endhiran is the best of all Rajnikanth movies. High hopes for this movie to run in theatres for over 250 days. *fingers crossed*

As such this is my first review about a movie =)
Hope you all relate to how i felt about the movie.


  1. Hi.
    Nice Review. I agree with most of what you have said. :)

    As for the 250 days hopes, I don't think that'll happen. Its not even a week since the release, but almost everybody has seen the movie. :)

  2. oh yea!! most people i know too hav already seen d movie..=) but still *fingers crossed* =) thanks 4 d comment..happy day!

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  4. super laksh... u stole all the stuffs that was in my mind... the scenes that u have mentioned are damn rockers \m/..
    and u forgot the local train scene.
    this is one movie where -> super star is the comedian, hero, villain and wat else \m/ i love the movie.. waiting to watch it again..

  5. nice try .the truth is you have to improve a lot .endhiran is technically a good movie but when we think of story it is zero