Mar 24, 2010


what is sacrifice?

as to what the dictionary says, its the Relinquishment of something at less than its presumed value.

hmmm.. whatever it meant! but what i understand of it till now is that its something that you have to do to make others happy and appreciate when someone does it.

to me
sacrifice is something when, mom and dad wait for me to wake up to have breakfast! (this aint normal because they wake up hours before me and sit with empty stomachs,waiting for their prince n princess to wake up)

sacrifice is something when, my lil bro lets me sit on the PC though he wants to play computer games. (well he doesnt allow me to all the time, but still..)

sacrifice is something when, my friends make sure that all the curtains are drawn when i am asleep and they even go to the extend of moving in and around the room without the lights on. (sometimes all the mosquitoes in the room are hunted down too for me to sleep..)

sacrifice is something when, my teacher spares time to sit with me before exams so that i can do it well even though she has loads of work to do for the department.

sacrifice is something when, the maid in the hostel listens to me patiently every other time and waits till i am done with my work to clean the room. (she neednt wait for my room, because she can rather go to the next room instead of wasting her time)

sacrifice is something when, you go out with your friends to a particular restaurant and enjoy the meal though you dont like the cuisine there. (dedicated to two special friends)

sacrifice is something when, you let go of your loved ones because your few other loved ones wants you to do so.

sacrifice is something when, you are not forced, but when u do it with all your heart.

and most of all sacrifice is something when, lakshana sits up this late just to remember all those who had been the sources for her to understand what really sacrificing was. :P

and i hope all of u will sacrifice some time of yours to read this post and also dont forget to sacrifice time in giving true comments!!

love you all!

keep sacrificing!


  1. u just took Sacrificing to the next level :) nice !!

  2. So did you made a valuable sacrifice recently for your loved ones?? ;-)

  3. Really loved the post... U nailed it down to the exact point... Keep blogging more... Love the way u do it.. simple and to the point.. Kudos to u...

  4. @Cute nemesis
    //So what is the best sacrifice?

    I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.