Jan 24, 2010

that was one BIG year!

Its been exactly a year since i posted something here and i've just thought of starting to keep up with this. Hoping that i wil spare time for this atleast once in a month. Not that i am that busy but that i dont have the access to the PC. Oh yea! coming to why i didnt blog the whole year.. ahem! i hadnt been busy neither was i free.. but all i can say is that was one awesome year. 2009 made me know myself. i knew people. In fact i came to know loads of dark secrets. When i say dark secrets i mean real dark ones. thanks to 2009 for making me know people and help me in understanding ways to enjoy my life.as Vaali said, 'u remain a good person until your mistakes are known to others'. everyone has something bad in them and every bad person has a good side.. but we always be friends with good people who have a good name in the soceity and keep the bad ones aloof. once you come to know about something bad about your good friend you stay away from them. why do this? you can rather treat everybody the same way. neither too close to anybody nor too aloof from somebody. 2009 taught me this. i was forced to stay away from a friend just because my friends came to know she had a few habits which they didnt like. i am helpless each time i see her being ignored by them. but what she had done was something cruel. still she had the heart to tell sorry so why not accept her? anyways thats it with this.
coming to the other things that happened in 2009, the major part of 2009 was happiness. few people make your life feel like heaven. i felt heaven..2009 brought in new friends. some of whom can be cherished all through my life.then it was kind off happy+sad moments after august. i had exams coming. as things were on its own sweet way, i got active on twitter and found new friends. i learnt everything. i didnt have to read the newspaper everyday, i always knew the latest news and my friends were surprised in the beginning. i read quite a few blogs and loved them. i now realise that i am in a BIG BIG world with loads of better people than me. i know GOD gave everybody the same brains. trying ways to improve myself. 2009 taught me loads but all i did that year was crap. i learnt things just because i was sitting jobless. "an idle mind is the devil's workshop". now i've made up my mind to make use of 2010 the bestest way. i've always been someone who dreams all day doing nothing to fulfill the dream. but 2010 wil see the new ME.


  1. Welcome back to the blog world :)

    There is difference I'm seeing in this post and previous posts.

    Good quote used "u remain a good person until your mistakes are known to others"

    Best wishes from me to great 2010

    Keep on blogging :)

  2. Relax and move on in your life yar. All the best and keep rocking..

  3. hey let all tat u missed out in de last yr b fulfilled dis yr...u always been a person who is kinda stands out among de rest.all u gotto to do is to love wat u do...kinda brings a drastic diff ovr u..love ya.u really been a sweet frnd.

  4. awesome post :) i love it
    u know wat, i too think the same way as u did.. "treat everybody the same way. neither too close to anybody nor too aloof from somebody"
    Great :)
    and do write more blog posts, untill then keep dreaming,dreaming and dreaming :)
    Wish u all success for twenty-ten :)

  5. good post lakshana.
    but, miles to go if ur looking for readership.
    avoid vague stories and stick to clear lucid writing.
    you have the imagination. what is required is the blogging experience.

    hope to see wow..

  6. @guru thanks guru! wil keep dreaming! :P

  7. Good one.... Most of the points mentioned are facts...

    Yeah I accept that only until a person's mistake is known to others he/she will be treated as good person... But sometimes if it's not a mistake & if it's cunning & selfish which you see in a person then it's always best to move away from him/her. And also if somebody is giving an unconditional affection/love on you it's always best to have them much closer than others... :-)