Jan 30, 2010


hey all! this is muoi! i live in vietnam and thus the so called vietnamese call me dat! i am a male and i am 7 years old now. 13 more years to go (if i dont get squashed in between). i go around flying all day and i love waking up humans when they sleep by flying close to their ears.the sound of my wings flapping annoys them. my girlfriend is from italy and she is called zanzara.she is 61 days old! i know its kind off shocking but still we males tend to date older females as they even live upto 100 days. for us its a female dominated world. sigh! i envy the humans for the fact that both the males and females have the same life span. and now let me pour out some real mosquito secrets!
The animal responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is me! so beware!
we prefer children to adults, and blondes to brunettes.
we can detect a moving target at 18 ft away.
we dislike citronella because it irritates our feet.
You're more likely to be a target for us if you consume bananas.
Our Biting activity increases by 500 times when there is a full moon.
oops! i've already spurt out too many secrets.
and its time for me to meet zanzara. do keep the secrets in your mind and beware.
take care and have a nice day!


  1. Ha ha...interesting and funny! As a matter of fact, mosquitoes prefer others over me, may be my blood tastes bad :P ...lucky me :)

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  3. I said mosquitoes prefer others over me :P